JP Locksmiths Ltd are Emergency locksmiths for East YorkshireuPVC doors and windows, lock repairs and replacements

uPVC works carried out by JP Locksmiths Ltd include:-

  • Cylinder lock changes and upgrades
  • New handles and hinges
  • Multi-point lock replacements
  • Door and lock adjustments
  • Lock repairs
  • Additional security fittings and upgrades

At JP Locksmiths Ltd we always recommend fitting locks* onto uPVC doors with the following features:-

British Standard – We offer two locks as British Standard. A 1 Star rated and a 3 Star diamond rated. Our Locksmiths can talk to you in detail explaining the benefits of having British Standard locks fitted to your property.

Anti-snap – Lock snapping is a way of removing a lock by force, literally pulling the lock from the door. However, if the correct sized lock is fitted and has an anti-snap mechanism, then locks cannot be removed from your door this way. You may have seen this issue on the BBC Watchdog or The One Show. Both have ran articles highlighting this problem and how burglars assess your door locks to see if they can snap the lock and gain entry easily.

Anti-bump – Lock bumping is a technique which has been used for many years by professional Locksmiths using standard keys. Unfortunately this skill has been widely shared on the internet and is being used by people who use it as a method to gain entry to properties for their own gain. If lock bumping has been used a method of entry to your property by a burglar, your insurance company may not pay out.

*Prices do vary according to the size of lock.

Signs you may be having issues with your uPVC door include:-

  • Do you need to force the handle to lock the door?
  • Is the door difficult to lock, can you turn the key easily?
  • Do you need to push or pull the door to lock it when closed?
  • Are the hinges loose?
  • Are your uPVC doors or handles floppy or stiff when operated?

Many of these issues can be sorted easily by one of our trained locksmiths. As with many problems, if not dealt with they may lead to bigger and more expensive issues.
If you find you are unable to lock your door, it may be that the mechanisms have failed and these parts will need replacing quickly and professionally.
JP Locksmiths Ltd carry most parts on stock, however some uPVC systems can be obsolete or quite difficult to source. We work with various suppliers who can locate spare parts on our behalf and normally supply within 2 working days.
Should you experience any issues out of hours, don’t worry. JP Locksmiths Ltd will secure your property temporarily before revisiting with the correct parts to fully repair.
Some older uPVC systems are not up to current insurance standards. We can upgrade systems to meet the needs of your insurance specifications.

Contact Office: 01482 861997 or Mobile: 07985 773771. One of our locksmiths will be on hand to discuss your uPVC repair/upgrade requirements.