There has been an alarming increase in the number of thefts from vans in recent months. Every hour there are 26 vans broken into in the UK; that’s 624 per day, 18,980 per month and a staggering 227,760 per year!

These are scary statisics with power tools being the main object the thieves desire.

Lets be honest, it’s not a surprise with most vehicles being able to be opened in less than a minute with basic tools and a ready market of buyers wanting cheap power tools. In a flash your livelihood has disappeared and your van doors are wrecked.

So what is the solution?

We can fit a range of locks to your vehicle, which will protect your investment and will make even the most hardened of thieves think twice. With effective automatic locking systems fully fitted, from as little as £99 per door, you can have your van fully protected for the price of a new power drill. You have to ask yourself.. can you afford not to?